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Sofia Richie and Tobey Maguire Spotted At Club Just Weeks Before They Announced Their Split (Photos Here!)

Tobey Maguire is still active in acting, yet he rarely receives media coverage.

At 41 years old, the Spider-Man star was once a rising star with plenty of success; his face appeared on magazine covers and late-night talk shows alike. Unfortunately, as money began to run out and his career stagnated, Tobey decided to focus on family obligations instead.

Thankfully, his wife Jennifer Meyer was there to support him and their kids Ruby, nine, and Otis, seven. It appears they’re all contented and getting along well.

Richie and Maguire have been together since 2012 and remain close. In 2012, they even attended Sofia’s birthday party together!

After their split, speculation started swirling about a potential new relationship between Richie and Maguire. However, Richie quickly dispelled those claims; she and Maguire have been friends for years.

Just Weeks Before They Announce Their Split, Sofia Richie and Tobey Maguire Were Spotted at a Club (Photos Included!)

Recently, paparazzi captured Richie, 18 and Maguire, 41 at a West Hollywood nightclub. Pictures show the former Spider-Man star leaning close to Sofia while talking in her ear and even touching her cheek.

According to TMZ, the couple was seen getting intimate at One OAK Club in Los Angeles just days before Tobey and Jennifer announced their separation. They were seen “getting super close” to one another.

Richie was not amused by these reports. She reportedly called them “bullshit rumors” and got into an argument with paparazzi photographers about her relationship with Tobey. Additionally, Richie asked them to stop asking about it.

Richie was unsurprised by the rumor, but she insisted that she and Maguire are not an item. The actress, who had previously been linked to Justin Bieber, dismissed any speculation in an interview with reporters after leaving Catch LA in Hollywood after dinner with her sister Paris Hilton.

Her sister was right to defend her friend, shouting at photographers and telling them not to ask about her relationship with Maguire – who recently announced his divorce from Jennifer Meyer.

Many fans were shocked by the news of Tobey and Jen’s separation after nine years of marriage, but the couple has always been close and have always supported each other’s children, Ruby and Otis.

At Roe Caviar Harvest in Hollywood last weekend, their friendship was evident. Both looked solemn and serious as they conversed.

Reports also indicated the couple enjoyed a romantic lunch in Los Angeles and spent time with their daughters Ruby and Otis. It appeared they were contented and in love.

They reportedly spend a lot of time together in Hawaii and have an idyllic home there.

Tobey and Jennifer had been married for nine years, but have been legally separated since June 2016. Unfortunately, the couple’s children weren’t present to witness their parents’ divorce proceedings.

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