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The Awesome Socks Club – A Charity Sock Subscription

Hank and John Green, commonly known for their YouTube educational videos, New York Times bestselling novels, Vlogbrothers channel, and dedicated fanbase of nerdfighters, are savvy entrepreneurs creating projects to raise money for charities while giving back to the community.

The Awesome Socks Club is the latest of these projects to deliver something truly innovative: funky socks sold through this project will donate 100% of profits to Partners in Health, an organization working to reduce infant and maternal mortality worldwide. Every month subscribers will receive new socks designed by community contributors as part of this subscription service.

Hank Green was inspired to design his socks by his personal cancer journey. Having recently finished treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma, his goal was to raise both awareness and funds for those fighting it worldwide. These socks have proven immensely popular; every year profits from Awesome Socks Club have exceeded $1 Million!

This year, all proceeds will be given to Partners in Health’s project in Sierra Leone’s Kono District that focuses on building a maternity hospital. With high maternal mortality rates there, this project provides vital resources that allow families to remain alive during childbirth.

These resources include a facility to accommodate mothers and newborns alike, and a training program designed to educate local healthcare workers on how to treat pregnant women and newborns during pregnancies and deliveries. Furthermore, this project seeks to educate the community on ways to avoid infection while encouraging healthy lifestyle habits.

Hank Green is also passionate about reducing plastic pollution in our oceans. His book, Parables of the Polymer Universe, details how plastic waste ends up in our seas and its effects on planet Earth – an entertaining yet educational read which has proven immensely popular with audiences worldwide.

Hank Green is an immensely sought-after public speaker who can speak about more than his books or charitable initiatives – he can address science communication, education, online video creation, the influencer industry costs of social media use, running creative businesses as well as being an animal rights activist who can discuss veganism’s benefits.

Hank Green will discuss his new book as part of SXSW Talks lineup, discussing its importance while also explaining how our environment operates. Furthermore, he will talk about writing Parables of Polymer Universe while facing personal health issues himself.

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