So Cute In French

So Cute in French

French is filled with cute words and expressions that will melt your lover’s heart! Whether you want to impress them, or simply improve your language proficiency, these adorable terms will bring smiles of delight!

J’ai le beguin pour toi is an age-old French expression meaning, “I have a crush on you”. It originates in les beguines, an order of women religious from 12th century that had headgear known as le beguin for worshipping purposes.

“You make me so happy” is often used in romantic relationships; however, it can also be said when loved ones aren’t around or when speaking to pets such as cats, dogs or even hamsters that you care for deeply! This phrase should also be said if they are missing someone they care about!

Une jolie femme This French term conveys great beauty, as it can be applied to any female individual – typically romantically. Say “Tu es une jolie fille,” or more commonly “Tu es la plus belle fille que j’ai jamais vue.”

Un bel homme

This term refers to someone you are romantically attracted to and can be difficult to pronounce correctly, so for best results consult either a dictionary or talk with native speakers who can give an accurate interpretation.


Butterflies are stunning insects, so it should come as no surprise that this term is often used romantically when referring to someone special in one’s life. At first it might be difficult to pronounce, so practice will definitely pay off; nonetheless it’s an adorable way of saying I love you!

Ladybug-This adorable insect tops our list of cuteness in French. She makes for an excellent pet name when giving someone special or young someone their first name as well!

Note that this term is specifically female. While not commonly used like its counterparts (mignon or mimi), this can still be an extremely endearing way of addressing someone.

Mon joie

While this expression of happiness is appropriate when used when speaking to anyone, but particularly romantic partners and husbands. Additionally, children find this word endearing when used to show how happy they are!


is another adorable term to add to your list, although not as widely used. This word holds many layers of meaning and formality than, say, mon poulet; yet its romantic connotations is sure to win your partner over!

If you want to be more daring in expressing your affections for someone special, try using these phrases when talking about them: Ton chien est trop cute!

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