Snap On Ethos Tech

Snap on Ethos Tech

Snap on ethos tech is a new full-function scan tool designed to put affordable diagnostics in the hands of technicians who want their own scan tool. The program includes a complete support package, including software upgrades and a three-year extended warranty.

ETHOS Tech gives technicians everything they need to work on every vehicle in the shop, plus additional features traditionally found only in higher-priced platforms. It provides OEM-specific coverage for domestic, Asian and European vehicles that have rolled into the bay, plus functional tests, codes, data, service resets, bi-directional controls and adaptions and relearns to verify repairs and finish the jobs other tools can only start.

The ETHOS Tech is customizable with settings to fit the way technicians work, such as save/playback live data, custom data lists to speed display rate and view exactly the data they need, minimum/maximum triggers to catch data that falls outside of the normal range and graph zoom in/out to see more detail, find glitches and nail down intermittent problems. The ETHOS Tech also has auto vehicle identification, one-touch full vehicle code scan and clear, and automatic data logging.

Quick Tips Videos

The quick tips series of videos helps technicians speed up their diagnosis capabilities and diagnose tougher, more challenging problems with real-world case studies based on actual cases. They are two minute demonstrations that show how Snap-on scan tools solve tough problems, including how to use the ETHOS Tech to quickly and easily code keyless entry, throttle bodies and climate control.

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