Slot Car Corner

Slot Car Corner Canada

Slot Car Corner Canada is the Canadian authorized distributor for Slot Car Corner products. The company was founded by Connecticut residents Steve Sawtelle and Dickie Pearson. The company is still in operation, and Christian Gingras is its manager. He is the creator and administrator for the forum SRC, which has grown into a hub for slot car enthusiasts.

Slot Car Corner offers a variety of 1:32 scale slot cars as well as slot car accessories and parts. The company is also able to offer excellent customer service. This makes them a great choice for anyone who loves slot car racing. Whether you are an experienced racer or just getting started, Slot Car Corner can help you find what you need to enjoy the hobby even more.

Racing slot cars is about maneuvering them around the track as fast as possible, without losing control or flying off the track. Typical modern slot car tracks are made of plastic, which gives you flexibility when laying out your track. Alternatively, you can choose routed tracks, which are made of one or two pieces of material. This makes racing more fluid.

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