Slay With Dre Mccray Net Worth

Dre McCray – Slay With Dre McCray Net Worth

Dre McCray is a social media influencer and makeup artist who’s been raising awareness of vegan diets and promoting plant-based diets. She also teaches makeup classes. She has also received criticism for being a vegan. Her net worth is unknown, but her Instagram following is huge.

Dre McCray is a social media influencer

Dre McCray is a famous YouTuber who has more than six hundred thousand followers on Facebook and more than thirty thousand followers on TikTok. Dre McCray’s videos about make-up, family, and personal life have attracted a large number of followers. In addition, Dre McCray has a jewelry business called Bling By XYO and manages sellers within the website Paparazzi. Despite her fame, Dre McCray’s husband is currently in a coma. While her social media following continues to grow, she has taken time to speak out about the incident with her family.

Von McCray, Dre McCray’s husband, is an honorably discharged Marine. He joined the Marines at age nineteen and was medically discharged in 2018. Andrea, aka Dre McCray, is an influencer on social media. She started by making make-up tutorials and sharing them on Facebook and has since expanded to other platforms.

She is a makeup artist

Dre McCray is a social media influencer and a makeup artist. She began sharing her makeup videos in 2016 and quickly gained a following. Her videos were well received, and she was often praised for her skills. Unfortunately, she has not been active on social media in recent months, as she is caring for her husband who is ill.

Her Facebook page is called Slay With Dre McCray, and she has over 600,000 followers. She also has a YouTube channel where she posts vlog-style videos. If you’re curious about Dre’s astrological characteristics, you can view her birth chart to get a better understanding of the makeup artist’s personality and life path.

Her husband is in a coma

Dre McCray is the wife of Marine veteran Von McCray, who was honorably discharged from the service last year because of a knee injury. Dre became an online influencer and entrepreneur when she began posting make-up tutorials to her Facebook page. Her video channel grew to include many other social media platforms.

While doctors continue to monitor Von, his wife has begun creating a social media presence to keep fans informed. The singer has been posting updates on her Instagram and Facebook account. Andrea McCray has also posted on Facebook that her husband is in a coma.

The McCray family is devastated and have launched a fundraising campaign to raise money for Von’s medical care. She has also shared a police report. The report claims Von tried to hang himself at his house, but it is unclear if he was successful. One rope was found at the scene.

She has been criticized for her vegan diet

The vegan diet of Dre McCray has been the source of controversy and anger among her followers. While she was well-liked by her followers, she was criticized by some for using controversial herbs and sharing videos about her vegan diet. The former model and YouTube sensation has faced criticism for using controversial herbs such as kratom, which is not approved by the FDA. Other followers accused her of using kratom on her body and accused her of abusing her husband.

There are many healthy diets that are plant-based or include animal foods. The key is to include adequate protein and limit processed and added sugars. One recent documentary that promotes the benefits of a vegan diet is “The Game Changers,” which has been criticized for cherry-picking data and making broad generalizations based on weak studies. Critics claim the movie is biased in favor of veganism and ignores studies showing benefits of other eating patterns.

She charges followers money to watch her videos

Dre Mccray is charging her followers money to watch her videos. She is a former Marine who was discharged after suffering a knee injury. In recent months, she has posted numerous videos on social media showing off her abs and cleavage. Since her release, Dre has been kicked out of four different hospitals. She has been accused of interfering with her doctor’s treatments by posting videos of herself.

The incident has attracted mixed reactions from netizens. While Dre has gained a lot of popularity from her videos, many viewers are concerned that she is exploiting Von McCray’s plight. In a recent Facebook post, Dre wrote that her husband had been in a coma for two weeks and that doctors had told her to “pull the plug.” Despite her husband’s health problems, Dre has continued to post videos from his bedside. Her videos about her husband have received praise. However, she has also admitted to interfering in his care. She has since set her main TikTok and Instagram accounts private.

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