Sister Wives Behind The Scenes

The Sister Wives Behind the Scenes

Sister Wives cast members have endured many trials throughout their lives, yet they continue to be a beacon of hope for millions of fans, which is understandable.

TLC’s controversial show ‘Sister Wives’ follows Kody Brown and his four wives as they navigate life as polygamists. Airing since 2010, the show has always received much media attention.

Many viewers have questioned if the show is real, but it turns out that the Brown family has experienced their share of struggles in real life. Not only have the sisters struggled financially or emotionally, but even their husbands have experienced difficulties within their marriages.

Meri & Bonnie

Although Meri and Bonnie are spiritually married to Kody, that doesn’t guarantee they get along. According to People magazine, Meri’s divorce from her first husband caused serious rifts between the two of them; even though they remain close in spirit, things haven’t always been going smoothly between them in recent years. Despite their devotion for one another, it appears the sisters have not always been on the best of terms.

In 2018, when the couple relocated to Arizona, reports indicated they struggled to maintain their relationships with each other. It was reported that they found it difficult to be close and would often argue over the family business matters.

As it turned out, Meri had fallen victim to a catfish online. She began conversing with someone supposedly living in Chicago who claimed to be a man – an enormous mistake which eventually forced Meri to acknowledge.

Sister Wives has always had its share of scandals, but none quite compare to Meri’s. On ‘Sister Wives’ she revealed that she had been speaking online with a woman who presented herself as Kody’s daughter and pretended to be Kody himself.

Aside from that, the show has also caused controversy for Kody’s first wife. She was fired from her job due to all the negative attention brought about by its presence.

Janelle & Kody

For two decades now, Janelle and Kody have been happily married to each other in a plural marriage. However, it wasn’t always easy for the couple to find common ground in Utah, where polygamy is illegal. Despite their deep love for one another, finding common ground proved challenging during this period of adjustment.

On a season three episode of ‘Sister Wives,’ Janelle revealed her feelings of depression and wanting to leave. Yet she was afraid to do so; instead, she chose to move in with her mother for several years so that she could have some space away from the other sisters.

Robyn & Christine

Kody and Robyn’s marriage has had its share of ups and downs over the years, but it appears they’ve finally found stability. They have two children together and are planning on buying a house so they can all live under one roof.

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