Sierra Halseth Update 2022

Sierra Halseth Update 2022

Sierra Halseth’s father ordered her not to see her 18-year-old boyfriend, but the defiant teenage couple refused to give up on their relationship. So in April 2021 they stabbed and killed Daniel Halseth with a machete.

When a teenage girl and her boyfriend murder someone close to the family, the case can be complicated. After all, this is an act of first degree murder.

On April 20, 2021, a teenage girl and her 18-year-old boyfriend were sentenced to life in prison after they were found guilty of killing their mother’s former husband. Arrested for stabbing Daniel Halseth multiple times, dismembering him, and setting his home ablaze, the two were charged with capital murder and dismemberment.

Surveillance video captured them cuddling, kissing and talking on public transportation before they were apprehended in Salt Lake City. When investigators confiscated their phones, they discovered an disturbing video.

In the video, Sierra Halseth and Guerrero appear to admit to the murder while laughing and discussing how it was “worth it.” Additionally, it appears they used her dad’s debit cards after he passed away.

Daniel Halseth’s brutal murder still haunts his family and friends, who are seeking justice for the young man’s passing. Even as the court works to hold those responsible for this senseless act of violence, Daniel’s parents struggle with the indifference of it all.

Sierra and Aaron, 16 when they killed Daniel, pleaded guilty to the charges and were found guilty on nine felony counts including murder, arson, robbery with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit robbery and fraudulent use of credit or debit cards.

Police reported that they used his money to purchase items at WinCo supermarket and Home Depot. Furthermore, police discovered bleach, a circular saw, and lighter fluid at the scene of the murder.

After they were arrested, authorities discovered they had used their father’s debit cards and were seen taking items from the garage at his house. Several receipts were discovered at the scene which showed they had purchased items like bleach and a circular saw with money from their father.

Prosecutors reviewed the video and observed Sierra and Guerrero discussing what happened while on board. As they were being tapped on the cheek and wrapped their hands around Sierra’s throat, Sierra commented about how “worth it” it had been.

Investigators were able to secure video footage, receipts for various items from Daniel Halseth’s former wife Elizabeth Helgelien and her husband Chris Helgelien’s home, as well as footage showing Sierra and Guerrero using her father’s debit cards at a grocery store.

Investigations eventually led authorities to locate the teenage couple, who had been arrested in Utah for their role in the killing. They were extradited to Los Angeles and charged with multiple crimes. In May they pleaded guilty to all counts and received 22 years to life imprisonment with parole eligibility granted after serving their full sentences.

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