Sheryl Underwood As Lamar Jackson

Sheryl Underwood As Lamar Jackson on The Talk

If you’ve been watching the aforementioned daytime television show The Talk, then you’ve surely noticed the newbie Natalie Morales. She’s been tasked with the duty of bringing a little finesse to the table. Her recent arrival is causing a ruckus on the set. Nevertheless, she’s got some serious chops, so you’re in for a treat.

The Talk’s Halloween special was no different. As you might expect from a network that prides itself on being a family-friendly show, the hosts were in costume for the festivities. On top of that, they had some spooky guests like Paula Abdul, who’s no stranger to the small screen. It was also the show’s twelfth anniversary, which was kind of fun considering that they’re still going strong almost a decade after their debut.

Sheryl, meanwhile, got in on the fun by making the costume of the night. Along with the aforementioned glitzy bling, she dressed up as one of the best-looking versions of herself. In addition to the standard looks, she also wore fake sideburns, which were an impressive feat for a woman. One fan said, “As an only child, I’ve never seen such a hunk on a woman’s body before.”

In all, Sheryl and her crew have done a good job of incorporating fun into the funky mix, and this costume-themed episode was no exception. She was even able to show off her sports-savvy with a homage to the Baltimore Ravens. After all, her husband, Mike, went to school with Kevin Durant, and it’s only logical that he should be a die-hard Ravens fan. Among the other notable guests were the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kevin Love, the Washington Wizards’ John Wall, and a certain lady known as Gigi Hadid.

Clearly, Sheryl’s Halloween-themed gizmo was a hit with fans. She has also taken a page from her brother-in-law’s playbook and has rebranded her popular podcast series as Sharon Walks Away. Earlier this month, Sheryl released a three-part podcast series on the topic of Osbourne. Besides mentioning the aforementioned Lamar gizmo, she covered a number of other topics, including how to raise a family and what the e-mail-o-matron is all about.

As far as other members of the talk show family are concerned, they’ve opted to troll the spooky festivities with some genuinely spooky merriments. While the aforementioned Sheryl outfit drew the most social media attention, the other trio have also impressed audiences with their wacky costumes. You’re not going to be seeing this same flurry of mismatched costume maniacs on The Talk next year, however. This Halloween is sure to be an event you won’t want to miss. And if you don’t want to relive the Halloween of old, then you can head over to the People’s most spooky Halloween special for some spooky fun on Friday. Then again, you might just find yourself stuck watching The Talk’s other gizmos all season long. Be sure to check out the show’s spooky sexy ladies!

Forget jack-o-lanterns: You won’t find any of those at the People’s most spooky special.

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