Shelton Lil Pop Watkins Dc

The Legend of Shelton, Lil Pop, and Watkins DC

For a boy o’ the woods, it was a veritable blast of the hair that made the headlines. Not to mention the aforementioned swag that paved the way for the next big thing to come along. While it was a relative lame compared to the more favored brother, it still ranked near the top of the pack. The only problem was the inexplicable lack of funding to pay the bills. Thankfully, the good folks of Capitol Hill and the District of Columbia found a willing accomplice in the form of a gent named Wayne Perry. That said, the dude would likely have made the snarky neighbour’s bed had he not alighted on the wrong foot. After all, a man is only as good as his best friend. Hence, the aforementioned thugs were tasked with ensuring a plethora of one night stands and post-dates without breaking a sweat. This in turn facilitated a series of inter-personal relations that would not have been possible otherwise.

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