Shell Bobbers Net Worth

Shell Bobbers Net Worth

Shell Bobbers are a fishing accessory that are made out of shotgun shells. They have a slot in the shell for a fishing line and a spring. The bobber is then stuffed with floatable material that floats upright in water. Several variations of the bobber have been manufactured, including glow in the dark and camouflage.

Jeff Stafford and Dusty Holloway, the founders of Shell Bobbers, were fishing enthusiasts who had been together all their lives. They decided to take their love for the sport to a new level. In their spare time, they developed a new product that was sure to catch the eye of a wide array of anglers.

After a successful trial run in local bait shops, the two mates decided to test their product on Shark Tank. It was a smart move, as this show has catapulted many a company to the top of the retail game. Not only did they get the opportunity to pitch their invention to the tiger of the tank, they were also able to get a three way deal with Mark Cuban. This resulted in an $80,000 investment from Mark, a 33% equity stake in the company, and a patent on the bobber.

On the show, Dusty and Jeff were asked a number of questions. Some of them were not as straightforward as others, such as how much money they have invested and how they will use their investment. These included:

How do they make their products? Jeff and Dusty make their bobbers from shotgun shells that they deprime and stuff with floatable material. For this, they have a reloading machine that crimps bullets and applies caps. Using this technology, they are able to make a bobber that is a lot more than just a glorified fishing rod.

What about sales? According to Jeff, the shell bobber had sales in the hundreds of thousands before the Shark Tank. He had a prototype in his garage, but the demand for this product from outdoor merchants was so great, they were ready to invest in manufacturing. Fortunately for them, the bobber was the first of its kind.

One of the more impressive aspects of the product was its ability to float. Many people have commented on the bobber’s ability to float in the water. However, most consumers were happy with their bobbers. Despite this, Jeff and Dusty took the idea a step further by creating a version that has a glowing effect.

Having proven that their invention was a winner, Jeff and Dusty are now in the market for a distributor, as the business is currently based out of Dusty’s garage. With their investment, they will be able to find a place to manufacture their product and hire people to run it. Eventually, they expect to sell up to ten million Shell Bobbers a year.

Among the countless questions the two men have received, the most important one to them is whether their invention is a legitimate winner. When Mark Cuban asks them if their idea is the real thing, they are unable to provide a firm answer. Nevertheless, their enthusiasm is infectious. A few weeks later, Jeff and Dusty were back on the show for an update. This time, they were able to showcase their new product, which is now called Fishing Ammo.

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