Shawn Mendes Nose Job

Shawn Mendes Nose Job Rumors

A lot of people have been buzzing about a pop star named Shawn Mendes and his equally famous girlfriend, Camila Cabello. But, they aren’t exactly known for being best buds. The two have been seen together as a pair in several of the music community’s most popular locales, including Miami, LA, and even Las Vegas. They are also said to have rekindled their romance after an acrimonious split in the mid-to-late nineties. Despite their chemistry, they haven’t forgotten their respective exes.

In recent times, the duo have been spotted holding hands in a number of locales. And, they have been rumored to be taking the stage at the upcoming 2020 Grammy Awards. As for their relationship, it’s definitely a smolder. For instance, they were spotted at an upscale restaurant in Los Angeles and a high class shindig in Miami. On the surface, it seems like these two have had more than their fair share of high-class shenanigans.

But, the aforementioned snafu, which started after their first date, has been the source of some rather unsavory rumors. Perhaps the biggest culprit has been a certain pop star named Camila, who has been accused of making a number of sexually charged claims. Whether these claims are true or not, is anyone’s guess.

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