Senzo Tanaka

Who is Senzo Tanaka?

Senzo Tanaka is one of the great ninjutsu masters of the past. He spent part of his life in China and Manchuria before becoming a Kempai Tai agent in England in the 1930s. His story has a curious twist – he allegedly worked for Ian Fleming, acting Deputy Director of MI5.

The Japanese ninja Senzo Tanaka is a fictional character in the James Bond novel, “A View to a Kill.” While many people believe that he died in 1975, no official records exist. The state of California, however, lists no deaths by the name of Tanaka during the 1970s. Dux has blamed a “conspiracy of silence” for the absence of the information.

In his native Kumamoto, Japan, Senzo Tanaka grew up as a farmer. His area was rich in history, from samurai to Korean and Chinese influences. It was also the site of the Shimabara Rebellion. He later becomes part of the Kokuryukai, a secret society of spies. He also travels with a Koka Ryu Ninjutsu practitioner to Brazil in 1906.

Tanaka is a great teacher and mentor to many young martial artists. His son Dux is a reluctant student and he pleads with him to help him train. Dux’s training becomes more intense and he is even able to operate blindfolded. While Tanaka is training Dux, he is also trying to convince his parents to let him compete in Kumite.

The martial arts legend Frank William Dux once claimed that he had been taught ninjutsu by Senzo Tanaka when he was a teenager. After graduating from Dux’s school, he claimed to have won a secret ninjutsu tournament. This claim became the basis of the 1988 martial arts film Bloodsport. While many people believe the alleged victory by Dux was the result of a secret martial arts tournament, the existence of Senzo Tanaka is disputed.

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