Scout And Chasey Scaravilli 911 Call

Scout and Chasey Scaravilli, 12, Killed in Hammock Accident

On Sunday afternoon, 14 year old Scout Scaravilli and her 12-year old sister Chasey were enjoying a day in their backyard hammock when tragedy struck. Reportedly tied to both a tree on one end of the hammock and a brick pillar on the other end, these children became trapped beneath piles of bricks when the pillar collapsed.

At the hospital after their accident, both sisters were pronounced dead and police are currently conducting an investigation.

JJ Scaravilli, their father, never imagined his daughter and sister ending up in such predicament. However, he says it serves as a “perfect example” of why it’s essential to check your hammock supports before using it.

Fox 8 reported the girls were playing and enjoying themselves in their backyard when a brick pillar collapsed. It appears they had been enjoying the sunshine when this occurred.

Unfortunately, the girls were trapped under bricks and tragically died at a local hospital several hours later.

In their joint obituary for the girls, they were described as a “selfless and nurturing second mother” and an “incisive firecracker.” They had been inseparable throughout their lives and loved each other with all of their hearts, according to the tribute.

The sisters were students of Hathaway Brown School in Shaker Heights, Ohio and the school issued a statement to inform school families that the girls have passed away and will be missed by all who knew them.

Hathaway Brown also announced that they will provide grief counseling to their students and parents.

It is not the first time someone has died or been paralyzed after their hammock was attached to a tree or other support that gave way. In fact, there have been 10 such incidents since 2009.

This story of tragedy and loss is devastating for the sisters’ family and our community. Please share this article and let’s keep their sisters in our thoughts and prayers.

The girls serve as a reminder of how much we should cherish our children and spend quality time with them before they depart for college or other adventures.

They were truly special people, and will be deeply missed by their friends, classmates, teachers, and families.

Cleveland Heights is in mourning over this tragic accident and our hearts go out to the families affected. We hope they find solace in knowing that their lives will forever remain a testament to their devoted love for one another.

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