Sara Lee Pumpkin Pie Nutrition

Sara Lee Pumpkin Pie Nutrition Information

Pumpkin pie may not seem like a particularly nutritionally dense dessert, but that’s not the case. The classic recipe calls for an indulgent pastry crust filled with an irresistibly rich pumpkin puree. A classic fall treat, pumpkin pie makes for a nice change from heavier dishes such as turkey, potatoes or green bean casseroles.

Enjoying pumpkin pie from scratch is the best way to enjoy it. There are a few tricks for keeping it fresh, such as storing in the fridge or freezer and leaving at room temperature after baking.

Finding the most nutritious Sara Lee pumpkin pie nutrition information doesn’t have to be a challenge, thanks to many smart supermarkets and online retailers that provide consumers with straightforward food facts and ingredient lists. Traditional sweet or pumpkin pies with no additives are popular choices, but there are also healthier alternatives like gluten-free or low-fat versions of this beloved dessert.

Sara Lee products are of the highest quality and boast an impressive list of ingredients – such as an extra-flaky top crust that’s made from scratch, a light and creamy pumpkin filling, as well as 37% fat!

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