Sally Hansen Spray On Subtle Shimmer

Sally Hansen Spray on Subtle Sheen For a Natural Radiant Glow

What You Should Know (The Details You Require to Understand the Process)

Spray-on subtle shimmer that gives a natural, radiant glow. Our testers noted it felt more like tint than opaque body makeup; thus making this ideal for those seeking subtle but natural-looking glow without too much coverage or coverage to cover tattoos or scars. Ideally suited to creating instant natural veil. Easily glides on sheer to create instant natural veil effect; our testers noted it felt more tinty than opaque for better radiance but less dramatic sheen than other body products offer. Until next time!

What We Love: From the creators of the iconic leg makeup, comes this ultra-lightweight product to add instant, radiant glow that reflects light. With its hydrating formula that blends easily and glides on smoothly, leaving your legs looking slim, sleek, and elongated in no time at all. Plus it comes complete with Retinol, Vitamins E & C as well as vitamin K to fade freckles veins and imperfections! With its naturally radiant gold hued hue that features touchably soft silky touchable soft silky finish it makes an eye catching long-term product!

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