Royal Pro Series Vacuum Bags

Royal Pro Series Vacuum Bags

There are countless vacuum cleaners on the market, many of them from companies you have likely never heard of before. But you can trust Royal as one of them with almost a century of history and experience, creating machines that remain functional even after years of use. They offer uprights and canisters built to last.

Royal Pro Series vacuums boast several impressive features not found elsewhere in this price range, including their powerful 12-amp motor that efficiently utilizes energy without wasting it; this means better carpet cleaning without running out of steam prematurely! They also include a bypass motor that prevents large or metallic debris from getting sucked up into their main motor and potentially damaging it.

This machine is lightweight and user-friendly. At just 24 lbs., this upright vacuum weighs in as an excellent lightweight choice, featuring a telescoping extension wand to reach those hard-to-reach corners of the house with standard extension hoses. Plus, there’s also an ingenious retractable cord feature, ideal when moving it from room to room.

Royal Pro Series vacuums stand out with their superior filtration. Their HEPA filters capture allergens and other harmful particles down to 5 microns in size, making these vacuums great options for those with allergies or asthma as it keeps impurities from being released back into the air during vacuuming – an invaluable way of safeguarding family health!

ThinkVacuums offers Royal vacuum bags designed specifically to fit these machines, along with many other parts and accessories. We carry both standard and HEPA Royal vacuum bags; plus replacement filter bags for other brands of machines too. It’s always wise to stock up on enough replacement filter bags in advance to be prepared when the time comes to replace them – subscriber services like ours are an effective way of guaranteeing you don’t run out!

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