Roman Reigns Needs A New Finisher

Roman Reigns Needs a New Finisher

One of the reasons Roman Reigns needs a new finisher is that his old one is no longer effective. He’s been the same guy for so long, it was time for a change. A fresh finisher could be the key to his success. If Reigns is to remain a main eventer, he needs to have a finisher that he can use every time he is on the ring.

In recent years, Reigns has been using the spear as his main finisher. He’s never needed a submission move in his career, but it’s a good idea to have another finisher ready in case he needs it. Reigns will be facing Jey Uso in Hell in a Cell in a few weeks.

While the Curb Stomp isn’t likely to return, it still looks effective on highlight reels. If the Curb Stomp isn’t good enough, he might consider a springboard leg. Although the springboard knee is still a knee-to-the-face, it looks better than the Curb Stomp. If Reigns could find a new finisher, he’d be able to get more people on his side.

While Roman Reigns has been a dominant force in the WWE since his return at SummerSlam, his return at SmackDown was an impressive feat. Against Braun Strowman, he’s been able to dominate with new finishes and different tactics. Jey Uso, a Roman Reigns veteran, was his opponent.

Roman Reigns’ newest finisher may be a gimmick. He has used the armbar as his signature move in the past. Rousey is a natural performer, making it a perfect fit for the WWE. She also used the armbar for her finisher on Smackdown this week.

Reigns needs a new champion if he is to maintain his reign as undisputed champion. Reigns has been unbeaten in the WWE since beating Brock Lesnar for both the WWE title and the Universal title. He hasn’t lost since December 2019.

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