Rod Woodson Net Worth

Rod Woodson Net Worth

Rod Woodson is a successful American Football player, who played in the National Football League for 17 years. He has also been a professional football coach. Having played for the Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders and the Pittsburgh Steelers, he has been awarded numerous accolades. These include being named as an All-American at Purdue University and being the NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 1993. In fact, he was selected as one of the 87 players on the Sporting News’s list of the top 100 players of the 20th century.

Rod Woodson was born on March 10, 1965 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. His father was James Woodson, a laborer from Tennessee. During the early days of his life, he was exposed to discrimination and harassment because of his mixed race. But his mother, Linda Jo Doerflein, did not let this discourage her from raising her son. She taught him the values of family.

After finishing high school, Rod Woodson attended Purdue Boilermakers and became a four-year starter. During his college career, he was named to the All-Big Ten First team and earned the honor of being named the NCAA Defensive Player of the Year in 1989.

Upon graduation, Rod was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers offered him a four-year contract. However, after his first season with the team, he transferred to the Baltimore Ravens, where he spent the next ten years of his professional football career. During this time, he was also part of the Super Bowl XXXV winning team.

When Rod retired from the NFL, he went into coaching. For the 2011 season, he served as the cornerbacks coach for the Oakland Raiders. Later on, he became an analyst on the NFL Network and Westwood One. Before he left the NFL, he set a record by earning the most interceptions in NFL history.

As of 2022, his net worth is estimated at $7 million. Woodson is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and was ranked 22 on the list of the 25 best players of the past 25 years by the United States Today. Moreover, he is among the five active players named to the NFL’s 75th Anniversary Team.

Rod Woodson has a lot of fans and is considered to be the most popular football player of all time. He has a good relationship with his kids. He supports them in all endeavors that they choose in their lives.

Throughout his football career, Rod Woodson has been able to earn a great salary to maintain his net worth. According to some estimates, his annual sports career salary is $170,700. Additionally, he was a part of the Super Bowl XLII and XLIII.

Despite his long career in the National Football League, Woodson has managed to stay married to his wife and has two children. In fact, he is so successful at his job that he has been able to earn enough money to support his wife and kids.

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