Robert D Manfred Jr Signed Baseball

Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred Jr. Signed a Ball For Fox Cameras

On Thursday evening at “Field of Dreams” in Iowa, baseball commissioner Rob Manfred signed a ball for Fox cameras – becoming an instant viral hit and serving as a reminder that one of baseball’s most disliked men is trying to save it from himself.

Manfred is passionate about speed of play, or “Pace of Play.” He believes this concept is key in winning over fans’ hearts and wants the average MLB game to last no more than three hours with an average of about five minutes per inning. To expedite play, Manfred has already tested several ideas such as restricting how much time players can discuss strategy with each other.

The purpose is to reduce the length of a baseball game, an endeavor with a long history in this sport. In years past, games typically lasted three hours and 15 minutes.

In 2017, MLB’s average game took an hour and five minutes, or nearly four minutes per inning. To reduce this delay, Manfred wants to implement several rules that would alter how a baseball game is played.

He wants to simplify the process for umpires to determine when a ball is dead and whether the player who threw it can be called out. Furthermore, he proposes introducing pitch clocks that would enable pitchers to know when they should alter speeds or strategies.

To meet his objectives, he has implemented new regulations such as requiring batters to take their helmets off before entering the dugout and mandating pitchers to use a pitch clock. He’s even considering adding another umpire to each team’s bench for extra oversight.

He has also implemented a rule that prohibits baseballs from being used as weapons. Those found breaking this rule could face losing their license to play and may even face suspension from the sport.

Another rule he has proposed is limiting how often pitchers can discuss their strategy with teammates and coaches. This not only saves him time from worrying about pitching, but it could also prevent him from getting in trouble with the league.

Manfred has made many improvements to the game since taking over as commissioner in 2015, and he will do whatever it takes to see them implemented.

As a baseball fan, I have always been skeptical of Manfred’s efforts to speed up and enhance the game. After all, he has come under fire for numerous scandals that have marred the sport.

The Biogenesis clinic was the most infamous of these, serving as a major factor in MLB’s record-setting steroids punishment of Alex Rodriguez and 17 other players.

That scandal, followed by another in which Major League Baseball banned the Houston Astros for cheating on their own steroids tests, has left baseball feeling more in crisis than it has in years. As a reporter for, I’ve spent time talking with commissioner and his staff about what they believe is wrong with the game and what steps they would take to fix it.

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