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Real Housewives of New Jersey – Teresa Giudice Wants to Return

Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently abuzz with drama. From Victoria Gotti’s explosive claim that Rino Aprea had an affair with Teresa’s mother Santa to Jim Marchese accusing Bobby Ciasulli of talking behind Nicole Napolitano’s back, viewers are finding it hard to keep up. Luckily for viewers, RHONJ cast members are here to sort through all of it and reveal truth from fiction.

Teresa Giudice stands out among cast members as an exemplar in staying true to her family values, such as twin sister Teresa Giudice who lives with Rino Aprea and 18-year-old son Giovanni in Colts Neck, New Jersey with them both operating two Italian restaurants together: Angelo’s of Mulberry Street and Ponte Vecchio of Bay Ridge.

Teresa tells the other ladies at the Season 10 reunion that she wishes she could return, but doesn’t see that happening anytime soon. Teresa states she has too many responsibilities (such as legal matters ) on her plate that prevent her from having enough time for filming another season of the show.

Though it remains to be determined if Teresa will ever return, her twin sister appears poised to do just that. She recently told OK! that fans were asking her back onto RHONJ and commented, “I am so pleased my fans want me back on the show – my story remains to be told!”

She shared that since leaving the franchise, her life has evolved significantly: from mother to businesswoman and fashion designer; appearing on reality dating show Love Island as well as creating her own lingerie line.

Though she remains extremely busy, she remains a keen follower of the show and enjoys hearing from viewers via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook comments. “I love reading all the messages people leave me on these platforms – it makes me feel connected to viewers!” she stated.

Although she does not appear full time on RHONJ, her twin sister does make guest appearances from time to time. Last season’s season 6 finale featured her appearance to address any drama between herself and Amber Marchese (a former co-star). Additionally, both sisters hosted a podcast called Girls in Heels from 2014 until 2016.

Teresa spends her free time spending time with her family and working on her restaurants. Recently, Teresa celebrated her son’s birthday by throwing him a Fabellini wine tasting party along with Dina and Dina’s twin sister Dina. Teresa’s husband Rino owns several hotel networks in the US and boasts 43,000+ followers on Instagram alone; regularly posting about his business, family life and clothing line promotions to gain exposure for his business and clothing line he intends on promoting on there – his estimated net worth stands at approximately $10 Million!

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