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The Rick Driver Show Isn’t the Only Enemy in Your Radio Car

If you’re a fan of the local radio station, you’ve probably heard of Rick Driver. Although his show has a reputation for a lack of substance, he’s been able to garner some accolades in the past year. One of the more impressive achievements is the fact that he’s a bona fide philanthropist. In fact, he’s the recipient of several awards. Notably, Rick was the first in his family to receive an award in the form of a pension, an auspicious achievement. On a more personal note, he’s been an exemplary father, a devout churchgoer and an avid cyclist. He’s also been known to be a gentleman when he needs to be, and a well-mannered one at that.

The Rick Driver Show isn’t the only contender in the throne seat, though. If you’re looking for a worthy adversary in your radio car, it’s best to look elsewhere. Although you’ll have to drive a bit longer, you’ll have a greater chance of finding a suitable match.

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