Retractable Car Charger F/iphone 5#11077 Product

Retractable Car Charger For iPhone

The retractable car charger for iPhone is a fantastic way to keep your phone charged when you’re on the go. Unlike other car chargers, which can be messy and can also fall out of the car, this device clamps securely to the dash and turns into a Qi charger and phone mount. This allows you to charge your phone immediately. Plus, the holder’s moveable arm allows for accurate positioning of your phone.

This car charger is perfect for the newer iPhone 5 and iPad Air 4, as well as the current-generation iPhones. It also comes with a three-foot cable for connecting your phone to the car charger. The car charger retracts to provide four USB ports and 48W power.

This retractable car charger is made out of metal, is sleek and lightweight, and is compatible with most USB devices. It also comes with a soft LED lamp that ensures safety. It also has two USB-A ports that make it convenient for charging two devices at once.

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