Ray J And Princess Conversation

The Conversation – Ray J and Princess Love Have Their First “Real” Conversation

Princess Love and Ray J are a married couple, and they’ve been together for six years. They have two kids, Melody and Epik. The couple has been going through a rough patch recently. They recently discussed divorce and child custody, and they are currently considering divorce. In fact, they are going to be featured in a new VH1 special.

A new series called The Conversation will feature Princess Love and Ray J discussing their love life. It will also showcase the couple having their first “real” conversation since November. You can watch it on March 15th at 5pm PST.

While the title of this show might seem a little over the top, the series is a lot more than that. This is because it is the brainchild of Ray J, who is a celebrity and reality star. As such, the series will also feature other notable celebrities such as Kanye West, Candace Owens, Sukihana, and Trick Daddy.

This isn’t the first time that Princess and Ray have appeared on television. In fact, they have made numerous appearances on shows such as Love & Hip Hop, Beyond Repair, and Zeus. However, this is the first time that they are going to take center stage and discuss the reasons behind their split, including the fact that they have two children.

While this might not be the most fun, it’s still cool to see them have a real conversation. In the video, the pair discuss their ups and downs on Love & Hip Hop, including when they got married, whether or not they were having babies, and other intimate moments. Of course, a lot of these details are probably not relevant to most viewers.

The most impressive part of the series is that it’s all unscripted. It features a few of the biggest stars in the hip hop world, namely Princess Love and Ray J. Their ups and downs were so public, that they even had an episode of the spinoff series Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

Ray J is obviously a big name, but Princess Love is still an underrated celeb. She is a vivacious personality who is more than willing to show off her skills. Among other things, she is an excellent writer and actress. Although it’s unlikely she will be the next Tina Turner, she is still very attractive. For her, getting the opportunity to share her stories with millions of viewers is an amazing feat.

It’s no secret that the couple has had a turbulent relationship over the past few years, and the new series will give fans a more comprehensive look at the couple. Hopefully, this new show will help to ease their tension and get their minds off of the past. Also, a third child is likely to be in their future.

The conversation has been long overdue. The couple has been going through a whirlwind of highs and lows lately, and it’s great to see them putting their marriage to the test.

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