Ramyr Gonzales

Ramyr Gonzales

Ramyr Gonzales is an entrepreneur and an influential social media personality. She is known for her posts about motherhood, marriage, and parenting. Ramyr’s blog is one of the most read blogs about homemaking and parenting. She is an inspiration to everyone she meets and a true example of what it takes to succeed in life.

Ramyr has been a big supporter of Daym’s career throughout the highs and lows of his career. She met him before he became famous and was by his side throughout the ups and downs. They married in 2012 and have two sons, Jack and Luke.

Ramyr Gonzales is the wife of Daym Drops, a popular food critic who has an extensive following. She loves baking, cooking, and spending time with her family. She also plays an active role in her community. Ramyr is also the proud owner of a successful online clothing boutique called Ramyr’s Boutique. Her online store specializes in stylish clothes for women of all sizes.

Ramyr Gonzales’ husband Daym dropped a hint about his past relationships. In a video uploaded to YouTube, he talked about his previous marriage. He says his success has taken him away from his family, but he’s happy to have reignited his old flame with Ramyr Gonzales. The couple lives together in New Britain, Connecticut, with their daughter, Kaitlyn. The couple recently shared a video of their new home.

Ramyr is 40-45 years old. According to fates, she’ll be 44 in 2022. Her first marriage was to Daij Drops and her second one produced their daughter, Kaitlyn Patterson Drops. Their two kids are siblings. She never mentioned her profession to her husband.

Ramyr Gonzales is the wife of Daym Drops, a famous food critic in the United States. She became famous after her first popular YouTube video, which later went viral. She has also become a renowned TV presenter and food critic. She is currently busy working on her new Netflix show, Fresh, Fried & Crispy, which premieres on June 9 2021.

Daym Drops and Ramyr met while Daym Drops were between jobs. They exchanged pledges in 2012 and have remained in each others’ orbits for some time. The couple vlogged their nuptials on Daym’s channel. Their relationship has landed them a good amount of money and fame. Daym Drops’ YouTube channel is worth $820K.

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