Racist Gengar

The Racist Gengar

The Racist Gengar has caused much controversy in the Pokemon world, and the question remains, how did this happen? A hacker managed to get hundreds of people to accept a mysterious gift containing a shiny Gengar with the N-word, with a hard R, and the ability “Truant.” The Pokemon had the moveset of Theif, Sludge Bomb, and Snatch. In addition, it liked spicy food and was caught in a Safari Ball.

Although the Pokemon series has not been accused of racism, it is quick to change controversial designs when they are. The Jynx is perhaps the most famous racist Pokemon. It has long blonde hair and black skin. The appearance of the Pokemon is similar to that of minstrels, with its large lips and dark skin. This is not surprising considering that Jynx, a mispronounced spelling of jinx, is associated with Voodoo. It also has negative connotations.

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