Quirky Animal Table Lamps

Quirky Animal Table Lamps

Animal lamps add an eye-catching, fun look to any room in the house, making a statement when placed as focal points or adding mood lighting for reading nooks. With its striking designs – some being sculptural, while others having wireframe styles for modern minimalism – animal lamps offer modernistic appeal in any setting, while their colors and finishes range from gold, silver, black and white; to natural materials like wood wicker bamboo etc; rustic beachy vibes or exotic Asian aesthetics are just a few styles available – whether or not! If something quirky such as bird or monkey designs is what’s needed!

Modern and contemporary styles will find these quirky animal lamps particularly pleasing when finished in metallic tones, while casual spaces can also use them to illuminate casual areas, like an indoor patio or home library. For a more rustic appearance, use an animal-shaped table lamp with either rattan base or rustic brown finish – these make great additions when paired with warm neutral tones or earthy green hues.

There is an array of creative animal-shaped lamps to choose from, such as Seletti’s Bird Waiting Table Lamp which brings an imaginative spin to traditional table lighting. Resin lamp shaped after an animal of raven corvid silhouette features three postures – still, perched and holding an LED bulb – for flexible illumination options.

OKA offers another fantastic choice for casual spaces: the Lakadema Leopard Lamp. This eye-catching sculptural lamp appears as though it were discovered during an archaeological dig, and would make an eye-catching feature on either a large dresser or as the focal point in an entry hallway.

For something more contemporary, there’s the Luminose Dog Lamp by Markus Oder. Not only cute but also geeky; customize its color and leash to match your personal taste!

Harbaugh offers another fun option with their Giraffe Desk Lamp, featuring its distinctive form that mimics that of an adorable, tall and lanky giraffe to bring an eye-catching modern element to any interior decor. Constructed from birch plywood with cutouts to represent spots on its coat as well as a colorful lampshade for extra flair!

Animal-inspired tables include deer heads, monkey seats, mouses and other adorable creatures crafted in Italy with great detail to create eye-catching decorative features for any room in the home. For minimalists looking for more subtle lighting solutions there are metal and wooden animal-shaped lights in a range of colors and finishes which fit seamlessly into modern interiors or are more suitable for eclectic or tropical styles.

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