Priscilla Engagement Ring From Elvis

The Priscilla Engagement Ring From Elvis

Before there was Bennifer and Brangelina, there was Priscilla and Elvis. This iconic couple held court during the ’60s and ’70s, captivating audiences with everything from lavish lifestyles to fashion trendsetter status. When it came to jewelry, Priscilla held no equal; her engagement ring from Elvis remains one of the most iconic rings ever.

Priscilla met her soul mate while stationed in Germany with her Air Force serviceman stepfather, Vernon Dee. Soon enough they started dating and eventually convinced each other to move in together at Graceland – though their romance didn’t last, Blue Suede Shoes singer Priscilla managed to convince both Vernon Dee and Dee’s parents to let her complete high school until meeting Elvis Presley in 1967.

In December 1966, Elvis Proposed to Priscilla with a gorgeous 3.5 carat diamond and 20 “detachable” diamonds from local jeweler Harry Levitch; its price then was equivalent to nearly $200,000.

Elvis and Priscilla wed after an intimate proposal at their home on May 1, 1967 in Las Vegas’ Aladdin Hotel with only their immediate family present. The nuptials had remained secret from the public; Frank Sinatra provided his private jet for them on their special day.

Their marriage wasn’t short-lived, however; nine months after getting married they divorced. Even so, this couple were extremely passionate and committed to each other both professionally and personally – known for believing strongly in eternal love; in fact they often claimed they weren’t taking marriage lightly at any point during their relationship.

As evidence of their devotion and love for one another, both Priscilla and King both wore two wedding rings symbolizing each woman they loved and strong feelings for, reminding each other of the vows they had taken when making the promise to marry each other. Therefore it’s vital for us to keep in mind that true love comes in various forms and not all marriages last forever; nonetheless it is always wise to remember the good times together while cherishing one another long term, which was evident between King and Priscilla as demonstrated through their lives.

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