Princess Tiana Cooking Set

Stir Up Some Fun With Princess Tiana Cookware

No Matter Your Tastebuds With Princess Tiana Cookware

There is also a set of stackable measuring cups depicting Tiana making her signature dish on one side and ingredients on the other, along with an attractive oven mitt and pot holder featuring her likeness as Tiana welcomes guests into her restaurant; plus there’s even a kitchen towel showing Tiana relaxing while devouring some delectable-looking treat!

This baking kit from Princess Tiana will have your Princess Tiana-loving heart racing. Complete with rolling pin, cupcake pan and pedestal stand for easy display, you can decorate each cupcake with icing toppers before displaying on its pedestal stand for easy display. Plus it even comes complete with an apron so your doll is all set for making delicious treats!

This kitchen utensil set from Disney ily 4EVER is part of their 18-inch doll clothes and accessories collection that celebrates everything kids love about Disney from beloved characters, fashionable fashions and aspirational activities – such as Ariel and Minnie Mouse! Compatible with other ily 4EVER dolls from this line such as Ariel or Minnie, this cooking set can bring happiness for years.

This set is also an excellent way to introduce kids to the exciting world of cooking and baking, giving them their first experience using a rolling pin, cupcake pan and apron – just like Tiana did – while keeping hands warm thanks to an oven mitt and potholder.

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