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Pretty Little Liars – Season 6 Jewellery Spots

Pretty Little Liars’ time jump in season six saw its characters mature while maintaining their love of jewelry; large hoops became an obvious must-wear choice. Each week the girls could be found sporting everything from pearls to large enamel ones; here is our roundup of this episode’s finest jewellery moments.

While A is still present, Aria and Trista host a slumber party for Aria to attend. Aria kisses Trista possessively while Trista behaves like a child at a candy store when admiring Aria’s jewellery collection. Aria begins to drink heavily; soon afterwards Ali visits and briefly communicates something which remains unclear to Aria.

Spencer and Toby discover that someone called ‘A’ has trapped Mona and the girls inside a lodge that’s set ablaze, before discovering “A” had dropped a lighter which caused it to ignite. After they leave the lodge with “A”, an ominous voice warns: “You are next.”

Toby and Spencer then visit Melissa’s apartment to gather more information on the Black Swan dress. While there, ‘A’ sends them a text telling them to meet at Alison’s grave in Rosewood at 10pm. Spencer distracts Melissa by finding a feather from a garment bag matching that of the Black Swan dress – while Toby and Spencer notice Melissa wearing a brace in one of her photographs, further implicating her involvement in Maya’s murder.

As Forrest continues her investigation of Toby and Spencer, Hanna becomes suspicious and starts questioning them both about what Byron has been hiding about Mona and their affair. When confronted by Forrest about this relationship with Mona he admits his feelings but remains in Aria’s life as their love relationship cannot be reconciled. Meanwhile Toby and Spencer break up due to Hanna being tired of all his secrets.

Spencer and Emily review Melissa’s medical files to gain more information about her injury, discovering that it happened the day after she discovered Ian’s body – making the girls realise Melissa is likely the Black Swan.

With A’s identity looming ever closer, it seems more and more likely that one of their own may come under attack from him/her. With so much riding on this reveal, expect an explosive conclusion! See it all Tuesday nights at 8pm ET/PT on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family. For a little Pretty Little Liars flair, PeopleShop offers the Street Level fringe crossbody which comes in pink or black for you. Plus follow us on Instagram or Twitter for exclusive content! Ashley Benson is an esteemed actress and model best known for her roles on Days Of Our Lives and Pretty Little Liars, among many other films, TV shows, music videos, and soon to be released Spring Breakers film starring James Franco and Vanessa Hudgens. If any questions arise regarding its accuracy please reach out directly to its author for any clarifications or updates.

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