Precious Moments Nativity Set 1981

Precious Moments Nativity Set 1981 – Is It Really Worth the Price?

You might not be shocked to find out that Precious Moments figurines were once part of your childhood collection; now they’re worth quite a lot! Since 1976, this company has been producing collectible figurines with religious themes; however, over time their popularity has expanded beyond religious themes to cover a range of other themes as well. While the Original 21 figurines make excellent investments, you may find more valuable sets available that are worth their weight in gold as well.

Precious Moments figurines differ from Disney figures available for sale in stores by depicting parables and biblical stories that may not appeal directly to children but still resonate with an adult audience. Furthermore, Precious Moments has collaborated with Disney theme parks to produce special edition figurines available only at them.

Though their value varies, most good condition figurine sets typically sell for $100-$150 in good condition. Limited edition or Original 21 collections figurines tend to fetch higher values; production by this company does not seem likely to stop anytime soon and it continues partnering with new brands for novelty figurines.

Precious Moments figurines require care in order to look their best. One important step is preventing dust accumulation, as small figurines with intricate details may attract dust quickly. A curio cabinet or display case can help ensure dust-free protection for these beauties. You should also store them somewhere cool and dry to reduce shrinking or damages caused by heat and humidity exposure, which could compromise their shape over time.

Determining how much the figurines were originally sold for is also essential, and can be done either by consulting the back of each figure or eBay sellers who will often include an original retail price that differs greatly from their current value. If this doesn’t help, try researching figurine prices across stores and auction houses until a pattern emerges regarding where and when these figurines are being sold.

Precious Moments figures may not be among the most valuable collectibles available, but they still make a wonderful addition to any Christmas tree or mantel decoration. While their popularity has slightly declined over time, they remain an excellent option for religious-minded collectors and gift givers – plus who knows? Prices might even spike back up some day. This set comes with 13 pieces including Mary Joseph Baby Jesus Manger Shepherd Shepherd Angel Creche which includes hand painted details. A beautiful tabletop decoration!

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