Pictures Of Joycelyn Savage

Pictures of Joycelyn Savage

Joycelyn Savage has been making headlines over the last couple of weeks. The aspiring singer recently reactivated her Instagram account and announced she’ll begin sharing her story through Patreon as she continues her fight for justice.

On Saturday, she revealed she had been victimized by R. Kelly – currently serving a jail term for his involvement in racketeering and sex trafficking. In the video she posted, she revealed she was 17 when she met Kelly at a concert where he told her she’d make an amazing Aaliyah.

After years of drama between them, the teenager dropped out of college to live with her lover and eventually became pregnant. After being away from her family for a short while, they have recently reunited and plan to continue rebuilding their relationship in the future.

She posted a picture of her daughter that received an outpouring of positive comments online. Her parents, Timothy and Jonjelyn, have spoken out about their daughter’s experiences with R. Kelly, garnering the support of many fans in the process.

Joycelyn’s lawyer has quickly denied reports she was pregnant with his child and even clarified that she will not be publishing a memoir. Jennifer Bonjean, who represents Joycelyn, tweeted that the rumor was “irrational” and she is not expecting it.

Rumors have been flying around that R. Kelly is the father of his daughter’s baby. To celebrate, Joycelyn shared the news on her Instagram page with a photo of the newborn and an emotional message.

Joycelyn Savage and R. Kelly welcomed their first child together, Ava Lee Kelly, born through IVF, in December 2022. Although the singer has yet to make an official statement about the new addition to his family, he has previously expressed his affection for Savage.

Kelly has consistently demonstrated his support for his girlfriend, even after all of the allegations against her. After his sex trafficking trial, the singer asked for a more lenient sentence and Savage has stood by him even as he faces multiple criminal charges in Chicago.

On the contrary, her parents have been estranged from their daughter and accuse her of holding them against their will. They have a legal team but have received multiple threats from Kelly’s former manager Henry James Mason.

Savage is still advocating for her rights and wants to reopen her relationship with her parents once the case is concluded. According to reports, Savage’s parents have been trying to reach out to her, but she claims they have been estranged from them for years.

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