Pete Wentz Meagan Camper 2022

Pete Wentz – Celebrity Biography

As bassist and lyricist of Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz quickly achieved legendary status. His introspective lyrics and charismatic stage presence helped redefine modern rock music, garnering them an enormous fan base and multiple awards. Wentz has also made significant strides outside music as an influential fashion and business innovator – co-founding clothing company Clandestine Industries and record label DCD2 Records to demonstrate both creative flair and business acumen.

At home, Wentz is devoted to his family and passionate about creating positive change in the world. He actively participates in various charitable projects and has spoken openly about his struggles with mental health – helping reduce stigma around such topics while inspiring others.

Wentz shares two children with his ex-wife Ashlee Simpson: son Bronx and daughter Marvel. In 2017, Wentz began dating model Meagan Camper and they recently welcomed Saint as their third child together – sharing a home together in Los Angeles.

Pete boasts an exceptional physique, contributing to his striking on-stage presence. At 168 cm and 67 kg, his muscular build helps him flex agilely across the stage while engaging in high-energy performances with his band.

Wentz was raised in an environment in which music was welcomed and supported. At 13 he began playing guitar and quickly became obsessed. This passion for performance led him to form the band Fall Out Boy with friends from childhood.

After attending acting school for only a short while, Wentz decided to devote himself fully to his music career. He signed with RCA Records and recorded demos with producer Sam Hollander before starting recording Infinity Warfare which quickly became a hit upon release in 2009 as the group’s debut album and quickly rose up the charts to become one of four chart-topping albums released that year.

In his free time, Wentz enjoys playing golf and tennis as well as reading books and spending time with his children. Additionally, he is an advocate for mental health awareness and has spoken openly about his battles with depression.

Wentz recently made headlines for his purchase of a luxury estate in Beverly Hills in March 2019. At 5,600-square-feet, his residence sits amid other opulent properties within The Summit’s gated community and boasts an inviting pool, cabana, and formal gardens; currently listed for $5.5 million.

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