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Kourtney Kardashian and Penelope Scott Celebrate Their Double Digit Birthday

Kourtney Kardashian shared several adorable pictures of herself and Penelope during their summer vacation on Instagram, complete with pink heart emojis and the message, “Mommy loves you so much!”

Penelope was captured in several adorable poses throughout her photo set. One picture shows her sitting close to her mother; who donned a vibrant hot pink leopard print swimsuit herself!

Pictorials featuring family out on the water were among the many pictures posted to Instagram, along with pictures featuring Penelope celebrating her double digit birthday with an outing to a nearby location. Kardashian posted this pictorial-filled post just days after celebrating Penelope’s milestone birthday party by taking all five children on an outing together.

Adventure Time has quickly become one of the most beloved children’s shows on television due to its stunning visual style and immersive universes, from candy castles to outer space. Thanks to Finn and Jake – two courageous stick-limbed heroes with great personalities who help propel this cartoon series – Adventure Time has hit an almost unrivaled balance between preteen love and countercultural cool – something Matt Groening and Tyler, The Creator have both acknowledged by praising it so highly!

Not just adults are enjoying this show – America’s teenage girls have found something relatable in its depiction of their anger and confusion over society’s expectations for them, which can be seen by how much they talk about it online; Tumblr posts featuring favorite scenes often serve as evidence.

The show has garnered immense popularity with young teenagers around the globe, particularly in countries that largely depend on television for entertainment. Part of its appeal may lie in its uniqueness among other cartoons on television; an accomplishment difficult to achieve these days given their digital homogeneity. Most successful children’s TV franchises include Disney or Nickleodeon series as an example.

Pendleton Ward first began animating in first grade, when he would create flickbooks out of Post-it notes. Soon thereafter, his passion for cartooning drove him west to California where he attended CalArts before creating his first animation short as part of Nickelodeon’s Random! Cartoons series.

Scott is also an accomplished singer-songwriter and EP producer, having released Hazards and Public Void EPs, both with heavy themes that reflect her vocal range of emotions. Her sound may change significantly between releases but always contains her signature poignant lyricism – her hit single Rat is an example of this and features fast paced synth beats as well as lyrics about Elon Musk that represent this.

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