Party Grandpa Retirement Club

Party Grandpa Retirement Club

The Party Grandpa Retirement Club is an exclusive NFT collection of 10,000 creatively designed grandpas which make up membership in an exclusive community. Stored as ERC-721 tokens on Ethereum, each grandpa features more than 180 hand-designed traits for their look – each giving an owner the chance to win $200,000 should one owns one!

At an awards event, it can be beneficial to create a list of all of the achievements of each honoree during their career and highlight all their roles within an organization or company. Colleagues or friends could join you in this endeavor to give a sense of achievement while recalling past experiences together.

Other activities you might consider for your retiree celebration are an autograph book where guests can write notes of thanks and appreciation, or hosting a quiz show with questions related to work life or personal life, with one winner awarded with a prize at the end.

Depending on their sense of humor, roasting them may also be a fun and cathartic way of celebrating their retirement. Additionally, guests could write poems dedicated to them, or you could arrange a photoshoot where honoree wears different outfits to mark their career path. Another option could be smashing their alarm clock with a hammer – surefire way of ending an entertaining night for everyone involved!

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