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Ozley ASMR – What is Ozley ASMR?

Ozley ASMR, a YouTuber, became a big hit for her ASMR videos. She has a self-titled YouTube channel and over 397,000 subscribers. Her first upload was a video entitled “My first ASMR video,” which has gained over 600,000 views to date. She is from the United States, and her YouTube videos are mostly relaxing. She is 25 years old, a Libra, and has many hobbies.

She’s a certified sound therapist and reiki practitioner. Her videos are widely popular, ranging from nature scenes to full-blown storylines. Her videos are often funny and contain plenty of comic relief. Her YouTube channel has grown in popularity over the years but her videos are her main source for income. Her YouTube videos and Instagram posts earn her over 80,000 USD a month. She also owns her hair salon where she gives herself a haircut every now and again.

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