Oscar Isaac Scenes From A Marriage Outfits

Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain’s Scenes From a Marriage

Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain star as husband-and-wife in HBO’s 2021 version of Ingmar Bergman’s 1973 Swedish miniseries Scenes from a Marriage. Co-written and directed by Hagai Levi (known for Showtime’s The Affair), it offers an intriguing look into long-term relationships containing hidden skeletons; its star power highlights this fascinating exploration. But its true worth lies within Oscar and Jessica as individuals as each capture the complexities and struggles associated with married life with tremendous performance by both actors as actors who capture its essence best!

The pilot opens with an extended shot that initially focuses on Chastain as she enters a set surrounded by masked crew members and walks past a fake bathroom with a sign reading “Covid.” This small detail immediately sets the mood for this drama exploring what binds (and sometimes divides) a couple over time.

Scenes from a Marriage may not have the wide appeal of many modern TV shows, but it nonetheless tackles truths about love and relationships that most entertainment is reluctant to touch on – thanks primarily to Isaac and Chastain’s exceptional performances.

While much of what happens in this story is universal, being based on a real marriage brings more specificity and relatability – particularly with regard to Mira and Jonathan’s relationship as the show gives us insight into their individualities and ways of interacting.

That success can be credited both to Isaac and Chastain as actors; their portrayals make the characters feel so relevant to real-life events – no doubt helped by having previously worked together in 2014’s underrated A Most Violent Year, where their onscreen chemistry is evident.

Costume designer and stylist Miyako Bellizzi deserves credit for crafting both actors’ looks for this drama. Bellizzi explained she began the process by considering Isaac’s background as an Orthodox Jew; his more conservative silhouette is reflected by wearing Loro Piana and Dries Van Noten clothing; while Chastain wears various types of dresses from high-end gowns to low-key tees as well as various shoes- from flats, pumps, sneakers and dress shoes with straps – as seen below! Below are some of Isaac and Chastain’s best looks from Scenes From a Marriage Season 3.

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