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An Oklahoma City Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

Even a minor car accident can result in devastating injuries. You may not notice symptoms for weeks or even months, depending on the nature of your accident. There are certain time limits for pursuing legal action after an accident, and if you miss one, you may not be able to collect compensation for your injuries and lost wages.

At-Fault car accident law in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is not a no-fault state, so it is important to understand the rules of at-fault car accidents. In Oklahoma, the driver who was deemed “at-fault” for the accident is legally responsible for paying the other driver’s expenses. This is done with a modified comparative negligence system that considers the percentage of fault in a collision. Often, the person who was partially at fault for the accident will still be able to recover some damages.

When it comes to car accidents, it is essential to have the proper insurance coverage. Regardless of who is at-fault, you must make sure to protect yourself from underinsured motorist coverage. This coverage is not mandatory in Oklahoma, but it is highly recommended. Having this coverage can protect you against financial disasters, including lost wages and medical expenses.

Tips to avoid admitting fault in a car accident

If you’re involved in a car accident, it’s important to avoid admitting fault. While you have a legal obligation to notify your insurance company of the accident and to give them any information that they need, you don’t have to admit fault. And while it may be tempting to admit fault and make a statement to the other driver, it’s not beneficial to you in the long run.

Write down all relevant details. Make sure that all involved drivers are identified and their insurance information is noted. Also, write down the license plate of the other vehicle. Keeping these facts handy can help you avoid admitting fault and denying the other driver’s insurance claim. It’s also a good idea to stay on the scene and render aid to anyone who needs it.

If you’re involved in a car accident, never admit fault. Although it may be tempting to make an apology, your statements could be misinterpreted by the other party and even bystanders. If you don’t want to lose your claim, you must be careful not to admit fault. Moreover, if you do admit fault, the other party’s insurance company will try to reduce your settlement and rate.

Getting compensation from a car accident lawyer

If you’ve been in a car accident, you probably have questions about how you can get compensation for your losses. Most claims can be settled outside of court, but if it becomes necessary, an Oklahoma City car accident lawyer will take your case to court to get you the compensation you deserve. Your insurance adjuster may have called you about the accident and offered to help you file a claim. However, you should decline their request to take a recorded statement or sign any documents. Doing so may void your right to full compensation.

A car accident is a traumatic event for everyone involved, and it can have devastating effects. Not only can you suffer debilitating injuries, but your property may be damaged as well. And in the worst cases, you may even lose a loved one. In such a case, a car accident lawyer in Oklahoma City can help you file a claim for wrongful death.

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