Odell Beckham Jr Cleats Youth

Odell Beckham Jr Boy Youth T-Shirt

Odell Beckham Jr Boy Youth T-shirt is an eye-catching apparel item designed to match your personality and display your fandom. Featuring an attractive Odell Beckham Jr graphic that draws everyone’s eye, this tee can help you take over any stadium or watch-party you attend when worn!

Odell Beckham Jr is known to enjoy making statements through fashion. To add flair to his gameday attire, earlier this season the Cleveland Browns wide receiver kicked things off by warming up in an exciting pair of custom cleats featuring intricate artwork. Now almost every player wears unique cleats before their games each week!

Dominic “The Shoe Surgeon” Ciambrone designed a pair of custom cleats for wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. that featured red-on-white graphics representing some of his life’s most meaningful events and moments. At first glance, they appear similar to an 18th century Toile de Jouy pattern but upon closer inspection you will discover they feature seven meaningful things and events from his past which contributed to who he is today.

Beckham also donned customized Nike sneakers designed by Ciambrone that featured graphics similar to his cleats; these will soon be made available for sale by both parties involved.

Beckham recently inked what is believed to be the richest shoe deal ever in NFL history with Nike, estimated to pay him up to $5 Million annually, double what his previous Adidas deal offered him. Under this agreement, he will serve as a greater brand spokesman and campaign spokesperson for Nike outside football as well.

Before Thursday’s match against the Baltimore Ravens, OBJ laced up his new cleats and displayed a pair of custom red Air Force 1 sneakers designed by street artist Kai. According to market rates for artists like Kai, these special sneakers were valued at $20,000.

A wide receiver for Cleveland who has made waves this season. Wide receiver Jarvis Landry can take great pride in what has been an outstanding season so far; as one of its main contributors on offense he has already begun showing his leadership abilities on the field and in the community. Landry is bringing positivity and working tirelessly in Cleveland bringing positive energy with him; making his contribution one of many reasons Cleveland has enjoyed an amazing start this year.

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