Nia Jax Controversy

The Nia Jax Controversy

The nia jax controversy has been making headlines lately. Ronda Rousey was accused of defaming the UFC star in a controversial post. The former champion was also criticised for promoting falsified vaccination documents. Although her post has received a lot of backlash, Jax hasn’t yet publicly commented about it. And she’s also not commenting on whether she will delete it.

Nia Jax has made a significant change in her image within the WWE. Her brutality in the ring has earned her a lot of criticism. In April, she injured Kairi Sane, a fellow superstar, and also bungled a buckle bomb at WWE Raw. Many are calling for Jax to be fired. She has also received a lot of heat for her recent punch on Becky Lynch, which broke her nose.

Although there were many reasons she was fired from WWE, her unvaccinated public persona was the most significant. Nia Jax’s antivaccine beliefs and her lack of vaccination have drawn criticism. Nia Jax has also been accused of botching her opponents with reckless moves. The WWE hasn’t released a statement regarding the matter, but it seems to be a growing controversy in the wrestling world.

As we have already mentioned, Nia Jax has no plans to return to WWE following the COVID-19 vaccine controversy. Her comments about the vaccine prompted several independent promotions and even an independent promotion to take aim at the former WWE star. As an athlete, Jax has connections to The Rock and the Anoa’i family. She was one of the most controversial WWE releases in a year.

While the injuries incurred by Nia Jax are completely unrelated to her actions, some believe they are a case of bad timing. Despite being tagged as “unsafe” on multiple occasions, Seth Rollins was able to overcome this stigma. This also leads to questions about whether Jax is hypocritical to label other stars as unsafe, when she has a stellar career. Nia Jax has typically defended herself in the face of such criticisms on social media. Deonna Purrazzo, a recently released star, has stated that Nia Jax has never injured her.

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