New Amsterdam Next Week Preview

New Amsterdam Next Week Preview

New Amsterdam may not yet have been renewed for a sixth season, but fans are still excitedly awaiting what comes next. NBC recently shared a preview for its two-hour finale featuring Max Goodwin’s final day at New Amsterdam before moving onto an appointment at WHO; and a sweet moment between Max and Dr. Elizabeth Wilder.

Ryan Eggold plays Max Goodwin, an administrator who takes over an aging public hospital and seeks to break down bureaucracy for patient benefit. Max works alongside an eclectic cast of doctors such as Dr. Kapoor (an Indian), Dr. Sharpe (bisexual), and Dr. Bloom (lesbian). Diversity is one of the show’s strengths as its characters thrive despite any potential differences among them.

Though Max enjoys his job, he finds himself dismayed at its lack of transparency and its inability to take decisive action. To address this problem, Max attempts to implement changes, holding staff meetings where he informs everyone he won’t accept doctors who make derogatory remarks about colleagues; later discoverings this staff member has been promoted as chief of surgery.

Max remains committed and makes progress, even amid frustrations. The episode opens with almost the entire staff helping a mother who fled Ukraine. Shortly afterwards, several individuals present with sodium nitrate poisoning due to eating certain grape varieties; Drs Bloom and Reynolds become suspicious, though there is limited evidence.

While on Rikers Island treating prisoners, Drs. Goodwin and Sharpe discover they’re plotting against each other. When one prisoner becomes ill they discover it may be related to her being threatened for turning state’s witness. A brawl ensues and several prisoners end up getting hurt during it all – forcing Drs. Goodwin and Sharpe to make difficult decisions regarding care of injured inmates.

As the episode comes to a close, Dr. Bloom reveals she’s been dating Dr. Shinwari for some time while also trying to navigate her relationship with Mina, her niece. When Dr. Frome seems disinterested in meeting with her again, Dr. Bloom confronts him. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew try to assist a patient who’s been shot multiple times.

If you want to watch the final episode of New Amsterdam, Peacock Premium is available the day after airing and can be found through Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV and Fubo TV services. Or watch it via NBC All Access which can be accessed with most streaming devices through Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV or Sling TV subscriptions or Now TV in the UK.

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