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Naomie Olindo Returns to Southern Charm

The real reason for the return of Naomie Olindo to Southern Charm is her own. She was a narrator and a background character, but the most interesting role she has played since the show’s inception was in a relationship with Metul Shah. They were together for three years and broke up in July. Interestingly, the Olindo is also single, but despite the fact she still maintains a long list of friends and acquaintances, she’s not ready to settle down just yet.

Although she’s been out of the spotlight for quite some time, she’s been active on social media and in the real world. Aside from posting her own photos, she’s also taken to Twitter to connect with fans and discuss her Southern Charm days with a flourish. As of press time, the 30 year old hasn’t ruled out a return to the screen. After all, she did get a fair share of praise for her contributions to the hit series.

While she’s certainly not the only Southern Charm alum to make the leap into the big leagues, she’s also one of the newest members of the cast, if you count her ilk. On top of her newfound status, she’s been in the news thanks to her appearance on the latest installment of The Bachelorette. Besides the show itself, she’s also been in the glam spotlight for a couple of off-screen flings. She’s recently rekindled her relationship with former Big Brother contestant Chelsea Meissner and has a slew of other notables in her orbit.

She’s also been busy catching up on her other life passions, which include travel, design and a newfound love of golf. Among her most recent trips were a trip to Palmetto Bluff and a visit to Capri, Italy. It’s also been revealed that she attended Madison Simon’s wedding in Capri. In addition to these trips, Naomie is also a regular visitor at her mother’s house in South Carolina. During the course of her time in the Lowcountry, she’s forged bonds with a handful of high profile names, including Yvette Grasso, Chrissy Teigen and Bebe Rexha.

In the end, she’s proven her worthiness as a star of the show and is no doubt a favorite among her friends. Her return is likely to be an exciting one. If she can pull it off, she could become one of the show’s biggest stars. Fortunately, she’s got the best support system around to make the transition easy.

For now, she’s keeping her fingers crossed that she’ll be back on Southern Charm for many more years to come. As she’s always been one to lean on her friends, it’s only a matter of time before she reaps the rewards. With a newfound freedom, the Olindo can focus on rekindling her relationships with Metul and Kathryn, as well as the countless new fans she’s earned. Hopefully, she’ll manage to squeeze in a few fun nights out before it’s time to pack up the kids and make her way to the Hamptons.

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