Muere El Rey Del Wepa

Muere El Rey Del Wepa

Muere El Rey del Wepa

It is not often that we get to witness an actual king walking along the iconic Caminito del Rey path. After years of planning, King Juan Carlos finally made it down the gorge in 2015 but not before many safety precautions had to be put in place.

Dreaming of witnessing the King on the trail has long been a goal of visitors to Spain, but few get to experience this iconic sight firsthand. To avoid long lines at the ticket counter and enjoy this unforgettable sight in peace, book your tickets in advance for this iconic path. This way, you can avoid all the tourists and save yourself some time at the ticket booth!

The highlight of the caminito is undoubtedly its breathtaking view at the top. Not only does it give you breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and Mediterranean Sea, but also provides a picturesque glimpse of Malaga itself.

When visiting the caminito, it’s essential to wear comfortable walking shoes and bring water. Additionally, taking a bottle of sunscreen with you can be an added benefit – trust us on this one! You won’t regret it!

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