Mom Going Home From Hospital Outfit

Mom Going Home From Hospital Outfit Ideas

When expecting, one of the most exciting moments is taking your baby home with you. Whether it’s to your own bed after an epidural or to a room in the hospital that will house them until they’re old enough to leave on their own, this moment should be documented for all to remember.

Your hospital bag should include a comfortable mother-to-be outfit that will allow you to get comfortable after giving birth. Since you’ll likely spend most of the time in your gown, opt for clothes that will allow you to relax and feel good.

Maternity leggings are an ideal choice for moms returning home from the hospital, especially if you’ve undergone either a c-section or vaginal delivery. Not only will they offer extra support, but they can be styled in multiple ways to make them part of your wardrobe – making them a must-have!

Another ideal postpartum wardrobe essential is a comfortable nursing tank top. These come in various styles and fabrics, so you’re sure to find one that meets your needs. Plus, these easy-to-throw-on pieces make nursing on the go much easier!

Matching Mom and Baby Clothes

Selecting matching clothes for you and your new baby can be a fun way to show off both of you while looking your best in photos. There are plenty of cute options online, or check with local stores to see if they carry an assortment of matching outfits.

Nipple Cream

Your nipples are vulnerable areas in your body that need extra TLC after birth. It’s common for them to become sore during breastfeeding that having a small supply of nipple cream in your hospital bag can be invaluable.


Slippers are essential for any new mom, but especially so while in the hospital. You’ll spend a lot of time sitting down or standing up, so make sure your feet stay warm and comfortable throughout their visit.

If you’re in search of a stylish postpartum outfit, a floral midi dress may be your ideal option. Not only does it provide plenty of room to move around in, but it’s also comfortable enough for prolonged nursing sessions or sitting down for meals.

A cozy robe can be an invaluable addition to your hospital bag. Some maternity robes even have deep pockets so you can conveniently carry items like breast pads and your phone in them.

When visiting the hospital, it may be beneficial to bring some snacks from home with you. Snacking during recovery can be difficult without something quick and easy like cereal bars or crackers – something to help tide you over until dinner is ready!

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