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Miley Cyrus’ Masturbation a Day Keeps the Haters at Bay

Miley Cyrus recently posted a photo of herself with her hand down her pant leg. The caption read, “a masturbation a day keeps the haters at bay.” Cyrus has had a very revealing week, releasing polaroids from her VMagazine cover shoot and posting several images of herself masturbating on social media. While this is not a new trend among pop stars, Miley Cyrus’ recent masturbation photo is going against what we have become accustomed to seeing her.

Miley Cyrus’s recent Instagram posts are full of naughty pictures. The singer has a long history of masturbating and has even decorated her home with sex toys. The actress has a reputation for titillating her fans, and while she doesn’t necessarily support masturbation, her posts are a good sign that she is openly exploring her sexuality.

Cyrus is a brazen exhibitionist. She’s infamous for repeatedly touching her body while performing, as well as exposing herself during FaceTime. While performing, she’s also prone to licking her lips. Miley has also been caught diddling her cock cave on camera, including a FaceTime video with a fan.

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