Michael Ketterer Net Worth

Michael Ketterer Net Worth

If you love to listen to Pop music, you’ve definitely heard of Michael Ketterer. Born in the United States, this singer has won the hearts of many with his powerful voice. He’s also the father of six children. Despite his fame, he’s a very humble man. He works as a pediatric mental health nurse and a part-time worship leader. In addition, he has a lucrative social media following that helps him earn money.

Michael and his wife, Ivey, have adopted five children. Three of these boys were rescued from an abandoned trailer, and one suffers from cerebral palsy. Their sixth child, a girl, is a biological daughter of Michael and Ivey. The couple have been together for over 23 years.

When Ivey was 16, she met Michael and they became a couple. As a result, she had a dream of having another child. She was in pain and in danger when she gave birth to her first child. Eventually, she gave in to her desire and adopted a boy. However, doctors told her that she would suffer as a result of her condition. Thankfully, she is alive today and the baby she adopted is now a healthy, happy girl named Sofia.

In 2010, the couple was approved to be foster parents in Tennessee. They also adopt two boys from a private foster home. The third boy, Rodee, was diagnosed with abuse-induced cerebral palsy and was blind and mute when he was born.

Besides being a successful singer, Ketterer has also managed to earn a decent living. In 2011, he composed a song titled Dusty Road. He also launched an EP under the banner of United Pursuit Records. He has a salary and a car. He’s also a part-time workshop leader at a church in Orange County, California.

Having appeared on the reality show America’s Got Talent, Michael Ketterer has been able to earn a lot of money. He was chosen as a favorite by judge Simon Cowell. After he won the first Golden Buzzer of the season, he went straight to the Quarterfinals. He’s been placed in the Top 5 in the show. He also received enough votes to advance to the Semifinals. Unfortunately, he lost to close-up magician Shin Lim in the season finale. But he still hopes to achieve success on the show.

Before he auditioned for the show, he worked as a child mental health nurse and low maintenance specialist. In August 2017, he released a new EP, EP 40. It features songs such as “Spirit Lead Me,” “Danger,” and “To Love Somebody.” It’s likely that Ketterer’s net worth is very high, though it’s not clear. He’s earned close to a million dollars in prize money while appearing on the show. He’s also a favorite of judges on the show, and the fact that he can hypnotize authorities to win a million dollar prize is a testament to his talent.

When he first auditioned for the show, Michael Ketterer sang the Bee Gees’ hit song, “To Love Somebody.” He performed the song to a standing ovation from the judges.

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