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Famous Attires of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is known for his great dance and his famous songs. But the singer is also renowned for his look. He always chooses the attires that enhance his personality. For instance, he used a red jacket in his music video ‘Beat It’. In fact, the look of the singer inspired the design of a trench coat.

One of the most famous songs by Michael Jackson is ‘Thriller’. The song was composed and performed by the singer in 1983. The music video was shot in the same year and he wore an attire that was influenced by the look. During the filming, the actor wore a black leather jacket. This jacket featured a zipper that was outlined and a crystal that was hidden in his waistband.

Another iconic outfit by the singer was the golden belt jacket. It was a part of the Dangerous Tour.

In addition to the Golden belt jacket, Michael wore a grey satin jacket on his Bad solo tour. He also wore a red jacket during the Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor in 1996. However, the singer has never worn a striped jacket.

He also wore a leather jacket on the Dangerous World Tour in 1992. Similarly, he wore the same jacket during the tour in 1994. At the time, the singer was in the middle of designing a second jacket, but the project was never completed.

Besides wearing the aforementioned costumes, the singer has also been known to wear a military jacket. After the death of the pop star, Bush and Thompkins, a costume designer, started working on a similar jacket for him. They hoped to add a little more depth to the traditional style of the jacket. Moreover, the design of the jacket included a winged skull that wrapped around the left arm.

The aforementioned outfits were only a small portion of the attires that the pop star has worn during his career. Other outfits include a red double-breasted cotton jacket and a white sequin jacket. Moreover, he has wore a varsity jacket with a front button closure and a woolen fabric.

Apart from these, he also wore a Pepsi jacket, which was one of his first appearances. He also wore a black striped shirt in his music video ‘Human Nature’.

Michael Jackson’s costume is a reflection of his love for music. He had worked for 31 years with his longtime costume designer, Michael Bush. And he has been honored with an award for his outstanding work on the music videos. With his great passion for music, he has made his audience eager to watch his performances. Therefore, he has a strong fan following.

Despite the fact that he was a pop singer, Michael was very particular about the way he wore his attires. As a result, the attires that he wore always served as an inspiration for his fans. His unique fashion sense has been one of the reasons why his songs and music have gained such a tremendous response.

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