Metallic Blue Car Paint

Metallic Blue Car Paint

If you’re in the market for a new car, consider metallic blue car paint. This color is considered a “chick” color by many people. It is a dark, deep shade that creates deep shadows. However, this color is also susceptible to high heat transfer from the sun, which can lead to imperfections in the finish.

If you’re not comfortable working with metallic paint or applying it yourself, you may want to consider a more traditional paint finish. This finish is less reflective than metallic paint and is harder to remove. This type of paint is usually cheaper than metallic paint, but the cost difference is minimal.

There are many other popular car paint colors, aside from blue. Blue is 975 per cent more popular than any other color. Silver and gold are second and third, respectively. Only two percent of buyers in PPG choose green or brown. Blue is also very popular for other items, such as clothing and furniture.

Light blue is another popular color for cars. While lighter shades are not as noticeable as dark ones, they are more tolerant of heat transfer during warmer months. This color also makes the car less obtrusive than a white car. It’s also more durable, making it ideal for long distance driving.

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