Mercedes Benz Toy Car

Mercedes Benz Toy Car

This Mercedes Benz officially licensed sports car includes an MP3 player, and a USB port. It also features a steering wheel and sounds that are reminiscent of the real car. The remote control controls the car’s power supply and it is backed by a 12-volt lithium battery. It has a realistic looking grille, dashboard and interior, and even a seatbelt that the child can adjust. It’s ideal for children between two and four years old.

The model’s design is based on the original, and has all the safety parameters necessary for children to enjoy. It’s also designed to be the right size and price for most children. The SL65 AMG model is a great choice for children younger than 5. It comes with all the safety features of a real Benz, but at a much lower cost.

Toy cars were not originally intended to be toys, but were often used for promotional purposes. The first full-size and scale models were created in the 1920s by automobile manufacturers. In 1923, the Citroen French company produced promotional models. These models were made of clay or wood in three-eighth scale. In the 1930s, GM sponsored a contest for toy car designers.

A Mercedes-Benz is a high-quality automobile. Its interior features premium upholstery, plush carpet and polished wood trim. Its sleek styling is impressive, and it comes with an array of entertainment features and information systems. It also smells great. If your child loves luxury, then he’ll love this toy.

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