Megan Fox Dark Brown Hair

Megan Fox Shows Off Her Dark Brown Hair

Megan Fox has always been a beauty icon, often testing out different hairstyles, makeup trends and color palettes over the years. She’s also known for her stunning red carpet appearances; whether wearing long curls or a low ponytail, Megan always looks stunning on-stage.

She started off wearing brunette hair color, but over the years has gradually started to add blonde highlights. At one point, she even dyed her own locks a bright blonde tone; however, more recently she went for a more neutral style with a smoky gray shade.

She has often been photographed sporting darker blonde hair, but the latest photo posted to Instagram by the model left everyone in awe. This new hue is a light blue-blonde that gives off Barbie-meets-007 vibes.

She was wearing a matching white bra and underwear as she squeezed her chest and stomach together. Additionally, Kourtney Kardashian joined in on the fun, feeding cherries from a plate to her sister.

Miles Jeffries posted the photo to his Instagram account with the caption, “Major Hair Transformation for @meganfox.” He tagged artisan wig maker Merria Dearman, suggesting Megan may have worn a wig in this look.

Megan has such gorgeous locks that it’s difficult to tell if she wears her own or a wig. Her locks boast incredible volume, making this hairstyle one of her most voluminous and sexiest yet!

She chose to contrast her platinum blonde hair with dark brown roots for a more dramatic effect. To complete the look, she added dark, thick eyeliner and bold black eyebrows.

Fox donned dark roots and long waves on her tresses, showing off how much she loves this new style. It’s ideal for fall and winter months as it will keep her warm during frigid temperatures.

Fox has dark roots but radiates with a soft and beautiful glow to her skin. She has been a makeup artist for several years now, honing her skill at eye makeup that allows her to achieve the perfect look every single time.

She features numerous freckles on her face which are further highlighted by her deep brown eyes and natural lip color. Her high cheekbone gives off a slim silhouette, while the narrow nose she was born with has been the subject of controversy ever since, but this difference is just cosmetic; no plastic surgery has been performed to enhance either area.

She has been a fashion and beauty icon for decades, often seen wearing stunning outfits and being praised for her impeccable hair and makeup skills. Her impressive portfolio of looks inspires fans who often ask her for makeup tips. Additionally, people adore her healthy-looking locks which she always manages to maintain beautifully.

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